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Group Coaching

Are you seeking direction or clarity? Are you struggling to find a way forward, from here? or maybe you are overwhelmed by external forces, that are out of your control? Do you feel like you have 'LOST YOURSELF' and wonder 'Who am I?'

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Join us in an intimate small group coaching session, where we will focus the conversation & exercises on one particular area of transformation.

Some examples of session focal points are - Identity; Mindset; Relationships; Creating Freedom; and Self-Love.  


I love sharing my knowledge with others and am in the process of creating some programs based around transformation, that will help you to get on the road to transforming your life. 

Women Circles

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Similar to Group coaching sessions, however, there are vast differences too. The Women Circle is a place for connecting with others, becoming more grounded, and discussing particular topics of interest, such as: How to Become More Balanced; The Oneness of Self and Environment; Consciousness and so on. Each Women Circle I facilitate will focus on a certain topic.

Transformational Life Coach

Erica Addis 

+6422 690 8897
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Transformational Life Coach

Erica Addis 

+6422 690 8897

In-person (face to face) appointments available in Auckland, 

New Zealand.


Facetime via Zoom is also available for coaching appointments

and will especially suit anyone not in Auckland.